Alta Ham Fine Arts building on UNLV campus

Alta Ham Fine Arts (HFA)

This building houses the art, dance, music, and theatre arts departments. 


  • metalworking
  • woodshop
  • foundry
  • drawing studios
  • dark room
  • lighting studio
Archie C. Grant Hall building on UNLV Campus

Archie C. Grant Hall (GRA)

This hall provides classrooms and faculty offices for the art department. The ceramics, printmaking, and graphic design facilities are located in this building. A student art gallery and lecture hall are located on the first floor.


  • digital illustration and drafting labs
  • ceramics
  • printmaking studio
  • presentation hall
  • BFA studios
Graduate Art Studios building near UNLV campus.

Graduate Art Studios (GRS)

Graduate Arts Studios is located at 4570 South Maryland Parkway, at the southeast corner of Maryland Pkwy and Harmon Ave. Limited parking is available on site. The building was originally constructed in 1979. UNLV acquired and remodeled it in 2012. This building is the location of the Masters in Fine Arts candidates studios.