Program Overview

Italian Studies is a flexible program that allows you to organize and design a curriculum that benefits your interests in language, literature, cinema, art, and culture. You can choose among a variety of existing courses in Italian language, art, history, and film. If you have a personal interest in a specific subject related to Italy and Italian culture that is not covered in the regular courses offered, you can pursue it through a series of independent studies.

Italian Minor

The Minor in Italian Studies requires that you take a minimum of 18 credits of course-work. You can design your own curriculum, freely choosing among the list of courses offered by the Department of World Languages and Cultures (all courses are worth 3 semester hours, unless otherwise specified). To fulfill the requirements towards your Minor in Italian Studies you can also utilize the following courses, offered outside the Department of World Languages and Cultures:

  • HIST 458 - Roman Civilization
  • ART 463 - History of Early Renaissance Art

Upper division level (300-400) Italian courses can also count towards your Minor in Italian Studies, subject to pre-approval.

Admission Requirements

Completion of language level ITAL 114, or equivalent.

Career Information

The study of Italian language and culture is a keystone of any humanistic curriculum and of any well-rounded education. It holds both scholarly and practical applications. Students of Italian also gain a better understanding of English, in that 60 percent of English derives from Latin, as does Italian. Italy is one of the most industrialized countries, and knowledge of Italian is advantageous in a broad range of careers, such as international business, journalism, politics and tourism.