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UNLV Magazine

Spring 2020
Vol. 28, No. 1

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Lied Library at UNLV
As daily life around the country came to a sudden halt in March, UNLV rapidly reconfigured the rhythms of its day-to-day operations and lent its considerable expertise to fighting the virus in Nevada.
three people in front of gaming computers
Gaming, entertainment, and resort research facility kicks off landmark public-private partnership between UNLV and Caesars Entertainment.
city skyline at night
Stephen Miller, director of UNLV's Center for Business and Economic Research, answers tough questions about what is in store for Southern Nevada in the coming months.
View of empty Vegas Strip walkway with sign that says: Times are tough, but so are we.
A photographic look at the now-empty spaces along the city's iconic boulevard.
illustration of gas pump with bats flying around
Social media may have changed the medium, but the stories are often the same as people process the uncertainty and fear of pandemics.
The first baseman readies to make a play as a UNLV batter takes a swing
With seasons derailed by the coronavirus, spring athletes take matters into their own hands to stay ready for whenever competition resumes.
Two women stand in front of an image of a Martian rover
Pair of geoscience professors at the forefront of UNLV’s contributions to Mars exploration, but plenty more academics are involved in the Red Planet.
image of person crossing street at crosswalk
New UNLV study finds that drivers of flashy cars are less likely to yield for pedestrians.
A skeleton stands at a balcony looking out over the library
Mandy the Skeleton keeps a watchful eye over the Lied Library.
woman in a red suit
Marta Meana on UNLV staying strong amid the coronavirus pandemic.
U.N.L.V. signage with Fall leaves in the background
From UNLV Magazine's spring 2020 issue.