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UNLV Magazine

Fall 2020
Vol. 28, No. 2
A drawing of a UNLV student looking out a window at Las Vegas
As we near the end of our terrible, horrible, no good, very bad year, 2020 nonetheless allowed for new avenues of research and innovation. Here's what gives us a glimmer of hope for 2021 and beyond.
Clouds hang over the Las Vegas Strip
Reasons for hope aren't just confined to UNLV's academic halls. Here are just a few places where 2020 inspired staff and students to find new paths forward.
A man stands with his arms crossed looking out a window
Professor Tyler D. Parry expanded his reading list in 2020 to understand this summer's racial reckoning, and look to tomorrow.
A woman is reflected in glass
Three resort stakeholders find an equilibrium in the pandemic.
man in front of El Camino car
Coming to UNLV at a most unusual time, President Keith E. Whitfield remains undaunted and ready to make his mark as a Rebel.
Three people stand framed by Allegiant Stadium in the background.
UNLV's Sports Research and Innovation Initiative gives a home to the university's sports-related research — and is positioned as a crucial touchstone of a burgeoning sports mecca.