Comments and Letters to the Editor Policy

We encourage readers to share their views on the stories in the UNLV News Center. Readers may also submit Letters to the Editor to be published in UNLV Magazine.


Comments and letters offer a forum for promoting open discussion of interest to our readers. They should relate to the News Center and UNLV Magazine content or be of significant interest to our readers. Inappropriate content includes:

  • Offensive, unlawful, threatening, harassing, personal attacks or abusive posts
  • Promotions by non-UNLV organizations
  • Promotions for non-UNLV events
  • Posts that contain copyrighted materials.
  • Posts about topics unrelated to the article.

Online Commenting

To comment directly on a posted story, you must have a Facebook account.

Comments express the views of the submitter and not of UNLV or its employees. UNLV does not review online comments before publication. However, the University Communications Office monitors the comments posted on this site and will delete inappropriate reader comments.

Letters to the Editor

UNLV Magazine periodically publishes letters to the editor. Letters should be short (under 300 words) and will be edited for space, clarity, grammatical accuracy and stylistic consistency.

To submit, fill out the Contact the Editor form or mail to UNLV Magazine, 4505 Maryland Parkway, Box 1024, Las Vegas NV 89128