The MFA in design/technology is a professional training program committed to preparing imaginative and inventive artists and technicians for careers in theater and the entertainment industry.

A Diverse Portfolio

With the goal to develop a resourceful and flexible student with a broad and diverse portfolio, the department requires that each student develop a primary focus in a selected area of design/technology: scenic design, lighting design, costume design, or technical direction. Elective courses, in entertainment engineering, interior design, architecture, film, 3-D imaging and animation, provide the student designer with increased depth, perspective and experience.

Hands-on Learning

The student's formal training and instruction is provided through a mentorship with UNLV's distinguished design/technology faculty and nationally and internationally recognized guest artists. Each student participates in a series of production projects specifically selected to strengthen the imagination and technique of the student, emphasizing skills in drafting, research, history, interpretation, concept development and production collaboration. The program also shares unique connections to the entertainment industry and internship opportunities complement the work done within the department.


In addition to Graduate College admission requirements and departmental admission requirements, applicants to the MFA program in design/technology should submit to the department a portfolio of representative work. An interview with design/technology faculty will be scheduled after application materials have been received.

Please contact Judy Ryerson (Head of Design/Tech) at for interest or questions about interviews and/or applying.