UNLV Telecommunications is always looking at ways to improve its services to better match current communication requirements. Over the past year, a priority has been implementing solutions that enable faculty and staff to work remotely. Recently, the focus has shifted to improving these solutions and identifying benefits for faculty and staff whether they work on-campus, off-campus, or both. Telecommunications is also working on integrating these new solutions with existing campus systems to streamline the customer experience.

Please review our latest features in the Available Now section below. These features can be used today. If there are new charges required to activate the service, as identified in the description, a new Telecom Helpdesk ticket will be required. The Telecommunications helpdesk can be reached by calling 00 (option 9) from on-campus, 702-895-1800 (option 9) from off-campus, or by going to this page to create a ticket.

Available Now

Enhanced Voicemail

Description: The Enhanced Voicemail service allows voicemails left for you to be sent with a transcription to your UNLV Mail. When you view or delete the message in either system the other system is also updated.  Watch the video below for more information. Please note that voicemail messages sent to email are subject to existing email retention policies.
More Information: View the YouTube video
Cost: Recurring $3 per line per month and a one-time activation charge of ¼ hour of labor.

Webex Local Dialing

Description: UNLV faculty and staff can now dial x54000 from on-campus or 702-895-4000 from off-campus to join a UNLV Webex meeting with audio only. This feature eliminates long-distance charges when calling into a Webex meeting created by UNLV faculty and staff.
Cost: There is no charge for this service.

Webex using Cisco Video Phones

Description: On-campus UNLV faculty and staff can now use their Cisco video phones to join Webex meetings with video and audio by dialing x53001. This feature eliminates long-distance charges and allows users with video phones but without PC cameras to join Webex meetings with video. See the user guide below for more details.
Cost: There is no charge for this service.

Conference Now

Description: Conference Now is a simple audio-only conference bridge for up to ten participants. It is intended for small conferences that have limited requirements. Conference hosts must have an on-campus Cisco phone and a personal (not shared) extension. Attendees can join from any location. See the user guide below for more details.
Cost: There is a one time charge of ¼ hour of labor to activate this feature. Contact the Telecom Help Desk to start the activation process.

Jabber SMS Texting

Description: Jabber SMS Texting allows Jabber users to text with anyone using their UNLV extension. This service requires the user to be signed up for a Jabber account. Watch the video below for more information. Please note, text messages are not retained by UNLV when using Jabber SMS messaging.
More Information: UNLV Telecom - Jabber SMS Texting YouTube video
Cost: Recurring $8 per line per month + a one-time charge of a ¼ hour of labor if the user does not already have a Jabber account


Description: eFax allows campus fax users to send and receive faxes using a web application. This solution will replace all on-campus fax machines
More Information:These YouTube videos for a demonstration of the service.
Cost: There is a one-time charge of 2 labor hours to configure this feature.


Description: Customers may log into LineOne using their ACE ID to perform voicemail and extension mobility pin resets. The website provides information about a user’s assigned phone and features.
More Information: Customers may use LineOne to view device and directory number information or modify a speed dial, call forwarding, line label setting. Caller ID changes still require a work order.
Cost: There is no charge to use LineOne.