Media Center

Our Media Center consists of a team of instructional artists, programmers, multimedia specialists (videography), and students. We will work with you, leveraging your subject matter expertise and our storytelling and technical skills, to provide pedagogically sound, visually engaging, educational media which is aligned with learning objectives and facilitates desired learning outcomes.

We are available as part of the full course development process in collaboration with your instructional designer in the Office of Online Education, as well as by request when you prefer to work more independently, but would like help with digital media planning and production.

Our Services

Graphic of a house

Graphics and Images

Custom graphics combine imagery, such as illustrations or photos, often with text, to communicate information in a clear and concise visual format that helps to enhance and reinforce student learning.

Interactive activities with an image of a small nerve graphic.

Interactive Activities

Interactive activities enhance student engagement and learning outcomes. These activities can take many forms such as images with hot spots, formative assessments, video quizzes, timelines, and flash cards.

Cost and Eligibility

There are no charges for our services when the media is used for online and hybrid courses, but our schedule fills up quickly so we recommend planning ahead when making requests. We will help as many of our online course instructors as we can within the limits of our resources.


All Office of Online Education-produced videos are sent for closed captions. You can further improve accessibility by describing the visual content in your graphics and videos and by providing comparable alternative learning content when needed. For more information on accessibility, please visit the UNLV Office of Accessibility Resources webpage.


We respect the copyrighted work of others, not just because it is the law, but because it is the right thing to do. For any content you would like to include in your course from outside sources, such as graphics, please obtain permission from the copyright owner. For more information, please visit the UNLV Copyright Information webpage.