At UNLV hybrid courses are offered 50% online asynchronous and 50% in a face-to-face classroom. Hybrid courses blend face-to-face and online course instruction, discussion, and learning activities based on the students' needs and subject matter taught.

This multimodal approach to instructional delivery provides flexibility for UNLV academic departments, instructors, and students. Hybrid courses can also help students to better balance their professional and personal lives with their educational pursuits.

In MyUNLV, these courses are listed as "hybrid" (HY) under the mode of instruction. UNLV uses the term "hybrid" to remain consistent with NSHE Board of Regents terminology. Other higher education institutions may refer to these types of courses as "blended" or "distributed learning."

For more information, please see the UNLV Office of the Registrar's standard class times.

Develop a Hybrid Online Course

If you are interested in learning more about offering your class as a hybrid, please contact the Office of Online Education.

Current Hybrid Courses

For a list of online and hybrid courses offered by term, visit MyUNLV or view our online and hybrid course list.