Healthy Rebels Core Competencies

Learning Through Leadership

  • Healthy Rebels are nationally-certified peer educators through the BACCHUS Initiatives of NASPA. Our Certified Peer Educators have strong foundational knowledge of leadership skills, and they are prepared to creatively apply their knowledge to further their learning.
  • Healthy Rebels experience leadership first-hand. From the onboarding and training process for new members to ongoing reflections, we invite all peer educators to develop each other as active learners at UNLV.
  • Healthy Rebels utilize a wide range of applied skills in marketing and messaging, program and event planning, and evaluation. Healthy Rebels know how to create quality programs from start to finish.

Supporting Our Community

  • Healthy Rebels value empathic communication and non-hierarchical service to the community. Healthy Rebels live out these values through our structure and approach.
  • Healthy Rebels are role models to other UNLV students and community members to practice holistic, healthy lifestyles.

Evidence-Based Practices

  • Healthy Rebels solve problems by reflecting on all causes, solutions, and outcomes during evaluation.
  • Healthy Rebels utilize evidence-based practices within our programs and workshops.
  • Healthy Rebels evaluate our programs and workshops, as well as gather feedback about ourselves. Healthy Rebels utilize, apply, and transfer this evaluative knowledge to help us build on strengths and overcome challenges.

Holistic Wellness

  • Healthy Rebels follow the holistic approach of the UNLV Wellness Wheel, which includes physical, emotional, occupational, intellectual, social, environmental, and spiritual wellness.
  • Healthy Rebels focus on balancing all aspects of the wellness wheel equally. By approaching health holistically, Healthy Rebels are prepared to live a healthy life during and beyond college.

Student-Run Organization

  • Healthy Rebels create, implement, and evaluate their programs from a student-centered perspective.
  • Healthy Rebels are accountable to their community by completing projects in a timely manner, following through with program commitments, and working with partner organizations.
  • Healthy Rebels are responsible for maintaining the day-to-day functioning of the student organization.

Student Development

  • Healthy Rebels have significantly creative roles, from planning their own meetings to solving problems collectively.
  • With the guidance of professional staff, Healthy Rebels interactively learn about diverse health and wellness topics.
  • With the Wellness Wheel as the guiding philosophy of Healthy Rebels, our peer educators are encouraged and empowered to practice self-care.

Working Together

  • Healthy Rebels work in small and large teams to facilitate workshops, spearhead events, implement social marketing initiatives, and develop the team.
  • By joining the Leadership Team, Healthy Rebels can further their leadership skills and knowledge.
  • Healthy Rebels work together as team members to ensure that tasks are accomplished effectively and collaboratively.

Strong Communication

  • Healthy Rebels express themselves in a clear and understandable manner. They use professional practices like closed-loop communication to keep everyone up-to-date.
  • Healthy Rebels respond to emails within 1 business day in accordance with the Rebel Way.
  • Healthy Rebels are courteous, respectful, and responsible in the way they communicate through face-to-face contact, emails, GroupMe/text messages, and other forms of communication.

Diversity & Multiculturalism

  • Healthy Rebels value diverse cultures by embracing difference, encouraging open expression of multiple perspectives, and engaging in intentional conversations on intercultural competence.
  • Healthy Rebels take risks to empower others. Healthy Rebels step out of their comfort zones while approaching sensitive health topics. We support each other through difficult conversations.