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Student Health Insurance

The Student Health Insurance provides coverage for necessary medical and mental health services beyond those available through Student Wellness. A Student Health Insurance brochure can be found at this link Aetna Student Health Insurance Brochure. You can also see our Frequently Asked Questions.

Important Changes for 2016/2017

Voluntary enrollment for undergraduate students (not including international students)

Voluntary enrollment for undergraduate students has been discontinued for the 2016/2017 academic year. Undergraduate students who are currently enrolled in the plan will have coverage through August 15, 2016. Students affected by this change have been notified and have been provided information to assist in obtaining new coverage. This change does not affect international undergraduate students, who are mandated to purchase health insurance. Students wishing to purchase insurance should contact Nevada Healthlinkfor a list of insurance brokers who can assist in finding new coverage.

International, Graduate and Professional Students

Full time graduate and professional students will experience a decrease in premiums while maintaining the same benefits. Insurance rates for international, graduate and law students for the Fall term is $901.00, and $1,306.98 for the Spring/Summer terms. Insurance rates for the nursing graduate students for the Fall term is $858.60 and $1,349.38 for the Spring/Summer terms. The annual insurance rate for dental students and residents is $2,254.

International students and full-time graduate and professional students will be automatically charged the Fall insurance rate unless an insurance fee waiver is requested and proof of alternate insurance coverage is provided. International, graduate and professional students must submit fee waiver requests no later than October 3, 2016. Alternate coverage must be effective by August 16, 2016 to qualify for a waiver.

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