Service Learning Initiative for Community Engagement in Sociology (SLICES) is a community-based research initiative that partners UNLV undergraduate students with Las Vegas organizations and initiatives in support of racial/ethnic/immigration education and equity. SLICES students work closely with our local partners to complete community based participatory research projects (CBPR) that align directly with their course learning objectives. While completing their CBPR projects students gain professional skills, increase their understanding of culturally competent research, and learn the importance of working with the community.

SLICES Relies on Three Key Assumptions

  1. That education can and should be intimately tied to social justice and the work of social change
  2. That ALL students can make important contributions to the learning space and to learning activities
  3. That the engaged student is a successful student


  • To connect classroom learning to the larger social environment
  • To increase critical thinking and research skills
  • To foster life-long community engagement
  • To foster a social change model of leadership