Chair's Welcome

Welcome! On behalf of the faculty, students, and staff in the UNLV Sociology Department, I warmly invite you to learn about the exciting scholarly and educational endeavors we offer.

UNLV Sociology faculty and students combine innovative research with teaching and community service to address questions of social change, diversity, social justice, and sustainability in urban environments. UNLV Sociology enjoys an international research reputation in symbolic interaction, gender/sexuality, environment and urban sociology. Our award-winning research and teaching and our emphasis on public sociology and civic engagement provide students with skills necessary for personal intellectual growth, active citizenship, and professional success.

"UNLV has achieved the rare feat of combining research into local issues - gambling, the environment, and tourism to mention just three areas - with the development of theory in the grand pragmatic tradition of John Dewey."
Dr. Michael Burawoy, President, International Sociological Association 2010-2014; Past President, American Sociological Association, 2006

Las Vegas is a barometer of contemporary urban, regional, and global trends. UNLV sociologists analyze the dynamics of 21st century urban communities and the social forces that both integrate and fragment them. Specifically, our research investigates topics ranging from individual and group experiences within urban communities, community adaptation to change, and urban problems as diverse as poverty, health disparities, aging, workforce experiences, urban politics, gambling and addictions, family dynamics, sex industry and sex trafficking, crime and deviance, environmental degradation, and urban sustainability. Our teaching draws directly from our research to nurture critical intellectual thinking and rigorous methodological training. We also sustain a vibrant, inclusive, and collegial atmosphere focused on discovery and learning.

UNLV Sociology is am energetic, exciting, and growing department. There are few better places than Las Vegas and UNLV Sociology to study a wide array of contemporary sociological questions. I invite you to become a part of our sociological experience.

Robert Futrell
Professor and Chair

Portrait of Robert Futrell

Robert Futrell — Professor and Chair, Sociology Department

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