The UNLV Involvement Center is our online portal for all Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) on campus. Here are some quick links to help you better understand how to utilize the platform.

General Use & Understanding of the UNLV Involvement Center
While some information is viewable in the Involvement Center publicly, we highly encourage users to login with their ACE account to access the full functionality of the site.

This tutorial includes information about:

  • Homepage
    • Search Bar
      • To search any organization using the RSOs name or a keyword of your interest.
  • Quick look on Events
  • Quick look on Latest News
  • Campus Links
    • These campus links are a quick link to forms or other resources that you or your organization would need.
  • Memberships (only seen when you login with your ACE account)
    • You are able to see all the current organizations that you are currently active in.
  • Organization
    • You are able to browse all the active RSOs on campus.
    • With your ACE login, you are able to contact the organization and browse their full roster.
  • Events
    • You are able to browse the many events that our RSOs are hosting on and off campus.
  • News
    • Keep up to date with everything that is going on in the RSOs when they publish news articles about events, trips/retreats, fundraisers, etc.
  • Forms
    • Browse and complete any forms provided by the RSOs.

Best Practices for Managing your Student Organization's page on the Involvement Center - UNLV

Organizational Tools for RSO Leaders