Water Systems

The Science and Engineering building has six separate water systems which loop through the building for different uses. While some directly support the research, others support the mechanical systems of the building.

Polished Water System

The SEB's Polished Water (PW) plant was originally delivered in 2008 as a CAP Type II standard. It has been upgraded several times since improving water quality from 2.0 megohms to near reagent grade. The PW is generated at the 1st floor mechanical room, looped through the building, and made available in the wet laboratories. The process begins when potable water from Southern Nevada Water Authority enters the building and is softened through a NaCl softener. It is then sent through a semipermeable RO Membrane producing water of ~3ppm TDS. This RO water is then sent to a 1000 liter reservoir and circulated through mixed cation an anion resin polishing bed; it then circulates through UV sterilization and a series of final filters of 1.0 micron and 0.2 micron respectively. This final product water currently testing at a resistivity of 16.8 megohms with a PH of 6.5. The Polished Water continuously recirculates back through the reservoir, mixed resin beds, UV sterilizer, final filters, and PVDF loop awaiting your demand at the sink fixtures labeled PW in the wet labs.

Industrial Water System

This system supplies the laboratory sinks only. Given the higher risk of contaminates making its way into the plumbing in the event of pressure loss, this system is isolated from the domestic water system using back flow prevention hardware.

Processed Chilled Water System

The processed chilled water system acts as a heat rejection loop in the building. Instrumentation which requires almost constant cooling is connected to this system either directly or with a chiller. The processed chilled water system is maintained at 60°F and has 50 tons of capacity. The heat picked up by the loop is ultimately rejected to the exterior at the Satellite Energy Plant (SEP).

Reclaimed Water System

This system is reclaimed water for flushing toilets and urinals in the building restrooms. This water is reclaimed from the Polished Water systems and from the building humidifiers.

Domestic Water System

The domestic water is plumbed to bathroom sinks, kitchenette sinks, and water fountains only. Domestic water systems have safety systems, such as backflow prevention, in order to ensure high quality water and minimize contamination risk of drinking water.

Chilled Water System

This water system is used for cooling in the HVAC system.


Eric Knight
Assistant Director, Research Infrastructure
SEB 2103
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