Keys & Proximity Card Access

The Science and Engineering Building is designed as a dedicated research building and as such has some of the most state-of-the-art instrumentation and equipment on campus. Due to this, security within the building is maintained to a high standard. Proximity access is required for service hallways, laboratory spaces, stairwells and elevators. Proximity card and keys to office spaces are available to SEB faculty and students working with SEB faculty.

To request access to the building, please type information into the SEB Access form, save and obtain necessary signatures for access to the SEB. SEB Access Request forms can be signed via a digital signature by emailing the completed form to the Principal Investigator (PI) for the lab, who can then email it to the administration office at Or, requestors can print out their access forms and have their PI sign it in person, signed forms must be delivered to the SEB Administration office in SEB 2102, or sent to MS 4022. You will be notified by email when keys or new proximity cards are ready for pick up. This can take up to two weeks; however access on existing proximity cards will not receive notification but should work after one week or sooner.

Handwritten responses in the Access form will not be accepted, please ensure that the latest Adobe Reader is downloaded so the form blanks can be filled in and the form saved. Download the pdf and open it on your computer before filling in the blanks to ensure your information is saved. For any questions regarding access, contact the SEB Administration Office.


Before any SEB Access is approved requestors must read and sign the SEB Policy Overview. The following is an abridged document meant to cover the basics of the SEB Building Policies. It is the responsibility of all SEB occupants to review and understand the full policies established by the SEB Administrative Faculty.


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For complete list of all SEB Building Policies, please see our policy overview page: