SEB Seismic Array

The Science and Engineering building is the first environmentally friendly building instrumented by the National Strong Motion Project (NSMP), and only building monitored for earthquake shaking in Las Vegas. The intention of instrumenting this particular steel building is to see how buildings that are designed with the environment in mind, hold up to the strong lateral forces created by earthquakes. It is intended to use the obtained data from the sensors and the building to improve on environmentally friendly designs.

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Sensing Technologies

An array of seismic sensors have been installed throughout the building, when an earthquake is detected, this building’s monitoring system rapidly acquires and processes the data using modules integrated into an open-source structural health monitoring (OpenSHM) software. OpenSHM compresses a large amount of measured data into useful information for assessing the condition of a building before and after an earthquake. This information can be used for a rapid building safety assessment, and to support decisions for necessary repairs, replacements, and other maintenance and rehabilitation measures. For more information, view the fact sheet featured on the USGS website.

SEB Diagram

Seismic Sensors in SEB