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Asian, Pacific Islander, & Middle Eastern (APIME)


The Asian, Pacific Islander, Middle Eastern (APIME) & International Program Coordinator serves UNLV’s APIME and international student communities. They are responsible for creating programs, facilitating student workshops, and providing resources with the goal of affirming, educating, and empowering students.

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Services & Programs

The following are key programs and services offered to UNLV students:


  • Asian, Pacific Islander, & Middle Eastern (APIME) Heritage Month
    • Every April, UNLV celebrates its Asian, Pacific Islander, and Middle Eastern communities and the APIME diaspora during APIME Heritage Month. The APIME Heritage Month Main Event is an annual event that seeks to affirm, acknowledge, and celebrate the APIME diaspora community. If you're interested in being a part of the planning for this event, please contact the APIME & International Program Coordinator.
  • Boba & Samosas APIME Meet Ups
    • Initially created as a space for APIME students to give feedback about their experiences on campus, this monthly student series serves as a space for Asian, Pacific Islander, and Middle Eastern students to come together and talk about the issues that matter to them and their communities. Some topics in the past have included navigating boundaries with family and loved ones and dealing with racist sentiments on campus.
  • Ramadan
    • To celebrate UNLV’s Muslim population, and to provide an opportunity for faith communities to learn from each other, SDSJ hosts a kickoff event for Ramadan. This can be a week of passive programming to create awareness, or an Iftar, the traditional fast-breaking meal at the end of the day. All members of the UNLV community are invited to engage with these events, regardless of faith or spiritual practice.
  • Diaspora Cultural Events
    • Based around UNLV’s academic calendar and in partnership with UNLV’s cultural RSOs. These events currently include Lunar New Year (also known as the Spring Festival in China) and Holi (the annual festival of colors to commemorate spring in Hinduism). If a cultural RSO would like to work with the APIME & International Programs team to host a cultural event, please contact the Program Coordinator directly.
  • Don’t Be Racist: Racism and the APIME Community
    • Don’t Be Racist is a passive programming series meant to double as an educational resource for Asian, Pacific Islander, and Middle Eastern students to begin engaging in anti-racism work.


Under One Sky: The Resource for Asian, Pacific Islander, and Middle Eastern Students
This inaugural resource guide comprises historical snapshots, statistics, and resources on and off-campus for Asian, Pacific Islander, and Middle Eastern students, including a scholarship database, local restaurants and grocery stores, cultural hubs, legal and immigration assistance, and community organizations. This guide is not exhaustive, and the APIME & International Programs team is always looking for ways to improve this resource.

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There are many resources and services available for student success at UNLV and our local community. The following is a sampling of those resources:

On Campus

Off Campus

*Has a scholarship program

** Has a youth division, including college prep