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The Native American Program Coordinator serves UNLV’s Native American and Indigenous student communities. They are responsible for creating programs, facilitating student workshops, and providing resources with the goal of affirming, educating, and empowering students. The Program Coordinator is also responsible for advocating with and for Native and Indigenous students. The Program Coordinator also addresses the needs of Native students through intentional and collaborative efforts and advocacy.


The following are key programs offered to UNLV students:


  • Native American Welcome Event
    • In collaboration with the American Indian Alliance, Native American Student Association, and Native American Alumni Club, the Native American Welcome event is an annual event designed to welcome incoming Native students and their families to UNLV. This event provides an opportunity for students and their families to learn about the various resources available and to be in community Native faculty, staff, and students.
  • Native American Heritage Month Main Event
    • The Native American Heritage Month Main event is an annual event that seeks to affirm and empower our Native student community. The topic of the event varies from year to year, and guest speakers we have previously had include Gregg Deal and Tanaya Winder.
  • Indigenous Socials
    • The monthly Indigenous Socials are a dedicated welcoming space for Native students to connect and be in community with each other. In this space, we hope that students will connect with other Native students at UNLV, learn about campus resources and organizations, and in some cases, develop/learn a new skill. These socials are for students and led by the Native American Program Assistants.
  • #NativeVoiceMattersSeries
    • The #NativeVoiceMatter Series was created to tie revitalization and awareness together. This initially started as a one-time passive program, #NativeTongue, that discussed language revitalization, grew to include #NativePride, where folx got to express through a photo and caption what the hashtag meant to them. While this is not an event, it holds power in its message to amplify the voices of Indigenous nations and bring about cultural revitalization and passion; we will continue this marketing campaign in the future.


There are many resources and services available for student success at UNLV and our local community. The following is a sampling of those resources:

Cultural Connections: The Native Resource Guide

The contents of this resource are not an exhaustive list of every single resource available to American Indian/Alaska Native individuals.

  • If you notice any kind of resource missing, please submit your resource. We will be accepting submissions throughout the academic year as we prepare for future publications.
  • If you would like a PDF or Word document of the Resource Guide, please contact the Native American Program Coordinator.

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