Students of the Latinx Program sharing a meal together.


Welcome to LatinX Programs! The Latinx Program Coordinator serves UNLV’s Latinx student community. They are responsible for creating programs, facilitating student workshops, and providing resources with the goal of affirming, educating, and empowering students. Specifically, the Program Coordinator leads university wide events such as the Latinx Heritage Month event and Latinx Activism Week events. They are also responsible for supporting UNLV's LatinX students and organizations through the LatinX History Month Planning Committee, Dia De Lxs Muertxs, Men of Color Initiatives, Cultural Leadership Retreat, and the LatinX Student Alliance. The Program Coordinator works with a team of 2 student LatinX Program Assistants who help execute programmatic responsibilities.

Services & Programs

The following are key programs and services offered to UNLV students:

  • #YoSoyUNLV Student Series
    • The #YoSoyUNLV Student Series consists of a multitude of events that aim at empowering and enriching an individual's Latinx identity through community building and networking. Some events include, but are not limited to, student & and staff mixers, workshops, recognition series, as well as cooking tutorials. Past events include "Latinx Library" a student mixer where students got the chance to study and socialize while watching the show "Rebelde", “Dia de Apreciacion” a community showcase, and "Nuestra casa es su Casa" which taught viewers how to make homemade Pupusas. Events are held on a monthly basis throughout the Fall and Spring semester.
  • Latinx Heritage Month Events
    • During this time period, many events are held in order to promote and celebrate our Latinx culture.  Events held during the National Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15 - October 15).
  • Latinx Activism Week Events
    • During this week the Latinx Programs at Student Diversity & Social Justice office explore different issues that affect the Latinx community; events that educate students & staff on the many social injustices the Latinx community faces; and teaches students & staff how to properly address these issues.  Events held at the end of March every year.
  • Latinx Graduation Celebracion #SiempreUNLV
    • After a semester of hard work, the Latinx Programs comes together to celebrate ALL Latinx graduates for the spring and the fall. All family members and friends are welcome to attend and see as our Latinx graduates make their first steps outside their college life and into their professional careers. The event held sometime in May. Email for more information. 


There are many resources and services available for student success at UNLV and our local community. The following is a sampling of those resources: