Laboratory Cleanout and Closeout Request


Remove excessive amounts of chemicals from laboratories when individual tagging of containers is not reasonable.

When a Lab Cleanout and Closeout Should be Conducted

  • The lab is being shut down (please notify EM&LS before shut down)
  • The lab has accumulated an excess of 100 chemicals not being used and are in their original containers.
  • A graduate student will be graduating in the near future and will need to get rid of the chemicals that the individual produced (please notify EM&LS before graduation).
  • The retirement of the faculty member in charge of the lab (please notify EM&LS as soon as possible, preferably prior to and not after faculty member has left).

Lab Cleanout and Closeout Procedures

  1. Do not bring chemicals down to the Satellite Accumulation Areas (SAAs). Instead notify EM&LS for specific procedures.
  2. Complete the UNLV Risk Management and Safety Lab Cleanout Form at least one week prior to needing the chemicals removed.
  3. EM&LS will send the Hazardous Materials Safety Specialist or Technician to your lab for an initial evaluation.
  4. EM&LS will provide the individual with labeling and segregating instructions, and set up a pick-up date.
  5. The Hazardous Materials Safety Specialist or Technician will pick up the laboratory waste.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • The UNLV Risk Management and Safety Lab Cleanout Form is required prior to the scheduling of your cleanout and must be filled out correctly.
  • We advise that you prepare for a lab cleanout and closeout in advance.
  • The cleanout and closeout will generally be completed within several days from the date requested.
  • Please note that unknown chemicals carry a high cost to dispose of. Please do your due diligence in finding out the unknown chemicals, the more information we have the better.
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