Conflict of Interest

UNLV's conflict of interest/compensated outside services policy is to ensure the University is in compliance with federal requirements, NSHE Code, and Nevada Revised Statutes while maintaining the public’s confidence in the integrity of research and other activities of the institution. University faculty, staff and student employees are encouraged to participate in outside activities, provided they do not interfere with the fundamental obligation to act in the best interest of the university.

The COI/COS policy enables university employees to recognize and disclose outside activities (compensated or not) that may create a conflict of interest. Potential conflicts must be properly reviewed and, if necessary, managed, supervised, and/or monitored without detriment to the reputation, integrity or position of the institution and individual.

Policies & Procedures

Rules and procedures have been created to assist employees in understanding their responsibilities to ensure they are in compliance with the policy.


Prior to beginning any outside activity, all faculty and professional staff must complete an Outside Activity Request Form for each activity and receive approval for the activity. Additionally, all faculty and professional staff must complete an annual disclosure that describes whether or not they engaged in any outside activity or professional involvement. Annual disclosures shall be on an annual basis to their supervisor by January 30 of each year, and upon application for a sponsored project.


UNLV’s Conflict of Interest Rules and Procedures authorize the Conflict of Interest Committee (COIC) to implement two broad functions: to review significant financial interests disclosed by federally funded investigators, and, to serve as the "review committee" (NSHE Code 4.3.8 (8)) to hear appeals from faculty members' requests for outside activity that have been denied by a supervisor.