Researcher Education and Training

All UNLV researchers are required to complete the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) course on “The Protection of Human Subjects” before a research protocol can be accepted for review by the IRB. This includes principal investigators, student investigators, and research team members.

Required CITI Training

The CITI Protection of Human Subjects education program consists of a basic course prepared for researchers conducting social/behavioral or biomedical research. Although researchers may not find all required modules to be directly applicable to their research, the CITI modules will provide a basic overview of human subjects research history/ethics and current research issues.

UNLV requires that researchers complete all modules appropriate for their type of research. Researchers focused on social and behavioral science must complete the CITI Social/Behavioral Research Course Modules. If they are conducting research in connection with the Veterans Administration (VA), the VA module must also be completed. Researchers focused on biomedical science must complete the CITI Biomedical Research Course Modules. Researchers will be required to read the Belmont Report and the conflict of interest in human subjects research information as well.

An accumulated CITI course score of at least 75% or better is required to successfully complete the course.

Those who have completed the CITI training need not complete it again for five years.

Your CITI and other training records can be uploaded to your IRBNet user profile. Log in to your IRBNet user account and click User Profile in the top right of your screen.

UNLV Training

Additional UNLV training is available from the ORI – Human Subjects staff at various times during the year. Please contact our office for additional details.

Open House Schedule

Open House is held on Fridays from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. Researchers can bring research specific questions to be answered by experienced ORI-Human Subjects staff without an appointment.