Collaborating with External Organizations

When research studies involve more than one institution, there are various options in order to achieve IRB review. Depending on the specific details of the study, there may be a joint review arrangement, one institution may rely upon the review of another qualified IRB, or the institutions can make similar arrangements for avoiding duplication of effort. This can aid researchers in reducing the administrative burden associated with multiple IRB review. Please review information regarding several scenarios below.


Collaborating with the University of Nevada, Reno

UNLV has worked with UNR to create a working relationship in regards to IRB review. PIs interested in partnering with UNR for a research project should review the MOU for Collaborative Research with UNR and submit the Notice of Intent to Rely on Another NSHE IRB.

Collaborating with Other Universities, Agencies, or Private-Sector Partners

When collaborating with these entities, depending upon the research being conducted, the UNLV IRB may enter into an MOU, IRB Authorization Agreement, or may decide to perform their own IRB review. It is best to contact the Office of Research Integrity – Human Subjects at 702-895-2794 or via email at for guidance on how to proceed.

Conducting Research with the Clark County School District (CCSD)

Research conducted in the Clark County School District must also be reviewed by the CCSD Research Review Committee after approval from the UNLV IRB. Information regarding the CCSD Research Review Committee process, including application and forms, can be found on the CCSD website.

Obtaining Facility Authorization

Facility authorization is required when research will be conducted at a location other than the UNLV campus. The facility authorization form must be printed on the facility’s letterhead and contain information listed on the sample facility authorization form. When research is being conducted at a CCSD school, then a Letter of Acknowledgement of a Research Project at a CCSD Facility should be signed by the principal of the school and submitted with the protocol package.