The primary function of the Scheduling Unit within the office of the Registrar is the assignment of academic space for the purposes of instruction and special event use. Our unit serves as the gate keeper in ensuring classroom facility use is maximized and appropriately assigned. UNLV has 300+ class room facilities comprised of General Purpose Space, Computer Laboratories, and Classroom Studios.

Meeting Pattern

The combination of start and end time with specific days of the week; should line up with Standard Class Times worksheet.


Meeting patterns that do not match up with those indicated on the Standard Class Times worksheet.

General Purpose Space

TEC Classrooms that can be used by all UNLV departments, the assignment of which is regulated through the Registrar Scheduling unit.

Computer Laboratories

The labs provide access to the technology required by faculty and students in pursuit of teaching, learning and research. A Computer Lab Account is required for access.

Classroom Studios

Specialized, open-spaced rooms without desks and chairs, primarily within the Fine Arts areas. Some may include mirrors, Ballet bars, etc.

Department Owned Space

TEC/Computer Labs/Class Studios that are exclusively assigned to/used by a specific department.

Priority Space

Specific classrooms that can be assigned to courses within specified departments throughout the open-build period. Once the open-build period closes, priority no longer applies, and it reverts to General Purpose Space. See definition above.

Cross-listed Course

Courses similar in content, but have different Subject headings , that are offered together—same days, time, room, and instructor.

Binding/Bound Courses

Links courses together to allow the same room assignment for courses that either meet at the same time (granted the space can support the capacity of both classes combined), or meet immediately after each other. For courses meeting immediately after each other, requests for Binding need to be justified and approved, or related to a Special Accommodation (see definition).

Special Event

A meeting that is non-academic in nature (conference, guest lecture, group presentation, etc.), or is in addition to an existing academic class outside of its original meeting pattern.

Special Accommodation

A request to have specific class sections assigned to a particular room or building due to a medical condition that affects the instructor assigned to the course. Faculty & Staff seeking a reasonable accommodation under the ADA must follow the Faculty and Staff Accommodation Procedures.