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Dual Enrollment

Get a head start on your college education while still in high school.

About the Dual Enrollment Program

Dual Enrollment offers high school students the opportunity to earn UNLV credit while still enrolled in their Nevada high school. UNLV offers two forms of dual enrollment.

Concurrent Enrollment

  • College courses taught by high school instructors on high school campus.
  • Students simultaneously complete high school and college credits.
  • Price: $75 per/course. Additional course fees will be waived. (Estimated savings of over $900 per course)
  • General education courses such as English, Math, and Political science offered. Please contact local high school for specific course offerings.
  • If high schools are not able to provide instructors, courses may be taught by UNLV faculty on high school campus. $150 per/credit and additional fees will apply.

UNLV Campus Based Dual Enrollment

  • College courses taught by UNLV faculty on the university campus.
  • Price: $150 per/credit. Additional course and technology fees apply. (Estimated savings of $500 per course)
  • Greater selection of courses. Ideal for students looking to register for specific subject areas that are not offered at local high school.
  • Great opportunity to visit campus and participate in University resources.
  • Programs at UNLV offering this program include College of Education, Academic Success Center, and College of Business.
  • High School students on free and reduced lunch may be eligible for a lower tuition rate.


  • Students are able to earn college credit at a more affordable price.
  • Students can simultaneously complete high school courses and get a head start in college foundation and major courses.
  • Develop valuable skills by being introduced to college-level courses to prepare them for their future college experiences.
  • Access to university resources such as tutoring, advising, and library materials. Some restrictions may apply.
  • Prepare high school students for college level course work.


  • Students must meet qualifying GPA and ACT/PreACT requirements.
  • Recommendation from a high school teacher or counselor.
  • Parent/guardian permission.

Student Application

UNLV Department/College-Specific High School Programs

Several UNLV colleges and departments have independent arrangements with southern Nevada high schools, which operate separately from the programs housed in the ASC. Listed below is the contact information for these UNLV department-specific programs.

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Teachers and High School Administrators

To become an eligible UNLV concurrent enrollment instructor, a teacher must meet the following requirements:

  • Master’s degree, ideally in the content discipline, or 18 graduate level credits in the discipline. If the master's degree is not in content discipline, UNLV academic departments will evaluate on additional criteria.
  • CV or professional resume.
  • Endorsement from partnering high school principal.
  • Completed UNLV teacher application.
  • Be approved by UNLV academic department.

Application Instructions

If you want to apply as an instructor, or if your high school would like to participate in UNLV's Dual Enrollment program, contact unlv.dual.enrollment@unlv.edu.

All schools will be required to complete an application and abide by teacher qualifications.