1. Nominees must have completed five years of full-time service at UNLV in the rank of full professor.
  2. Nominees must have tenure.

Submission Details

Electronic Form

Nominations must be submitted through the electronic nomination form. All required materials available in electronic format must be combined into a single PDF file for upload into the online form.

File Name

The nomination packet submitted through the online form must use the following file name convention:

LastName_FirstName_DistinguishedProfessorAward.pdf (e.g., Doe_Jane_DistinguishedProfessorAward.pdf).


All materials should be submitted in an electronic format. For example, photos or scanned copies of book covers and table of contents, magazine articles, etc. can be included in the submission.

Required Materials

Nomination packets must include the following elements:

  1. A cover sheet with the nominee’s full name, job title, department/unit, college/school, and email address 
  2. A table of contents that lists items 3 through 12 below.
  3. A letter of nomination or self-nomination (not to exceed three pages)
  4. A letter of support from the nominee’s department chair (not to exceed two pages)
  5. A letter of support from the nominee’s dean (not to exceed one page)
  6. The nominee’s complete and current curriculum vitae
  7. A summary statement by the nominee offering evidence of excellence in teaching based upon student and peer evaluations of teaching (not to exceed three pages)
  8. Reprints/substantiation of the nominee’s most important articles or creative works, including the most recent scholarly work (not to exceed five works)
  9. Copies of reviews of any books authored
  10. A summary statement by the nominee offering evidence of scholarly impact (not to exceed one page)
  11. Appropriate documentation with regard to professional service (not to exceed one page)
  12. A list of three references outside of UNLV

Criteria Considered by Selection Committee


Nominees must have demonstrated extraordinary qualities as a teacher and a scholar, must have achieved recognition in his or her field of study on an international and national scale, and must have a record of significant service to his or her discipline, to the university, and to the wider community. It is recognized that excellence can be demonstrated differently among the many academic disciplines at UNLV.


Nominees will be expected to have a highly successful and meritorious record as a teacher.  He or she must have directed theses and/or dissertations, if such are required for graduate degrees in his or her area of study, and must have earned a reputation as a competent director of student research or creative activity. A nominee should be known for service to students as a willing and valued counselor and advisor.

Scholarly Activity

Nominees will be expected to have demonstrated superiority in scholarly research/creative activity in his or her field. Examples include but are not limited to publication with major presses of one or more books in the field that are recognized widely as significant contributions to knowledge, publication of articles in leading scholarly or professional journals with substantial impact, successful grant applications if applicable to his or her field, and by presentation of the products of his or her research/creative activity before national or international meetings of learned societies.  Nominees must demonstrate that this work has had a measurable impact on his or her discipline.

Professional Service

Nominees will be expected to have contributed services to his or her discipline by active participation in scholarly and professional societies, by serving on panels and committees of such organizations, by selection for office or similar activities, and by selection as a reviewer or referee by respected scholarly publications. More important, a candidate will be expected to have made numerous and significant contributions in service to the University itself, playing a role in making UNLV a stronger institution; improving its ability to carry out its mission of research/creative activity, teaching, and service; and helping to advance its Top Tier goals. Additionally, in those academic areas in which more direct service to the state or to the public may be performed (such as business research, drug education, clinical testing, etc.), participation in such programs will be considered a significant factor in evaluating nominees. In other words, the commitment must be a true one: to the discipline, to the university, and to the wider community.

For any questions about the application process for this award, please contact the Office of Faculty Affairs.