The academic advisor awards are administered through the Office of the Senior Vice Provost. A call for submissions will be distributed each year in early fall. The selection committee will be composed of past winners.

UNLV will award one (1) undergraduate advisor and one (1) graduate advisor award, each will carry with it a $1,000 stipend. Upon selection of the UNLV undergraduate and graduate advisor awards, the UNLV recipients will become eligible for the Nevada Regents’ Academic Advisor Award that is given to academic or administrative members with distinguished records of student advisement by NSHE.

General Guidance on Preparing a Successful Application

Carefully read instructions, qualifications, and application package requirements. Be sure to include and/or address each item requested.

The application package should include the following:

  • Cover page
  • Table of contents
  • Nomination Form   
  • Nomination Letter 
  • Supporting Letters 
  • Nominee Statement 
  • Advising Philosophy 
  • Curriculum Vita
  • Supplemental Materials
  • Nominee Bio

For guidance on the appearance of these documents, please contact to obtain a sample application package. Also, please see the cover page and table of contents templates provided for your use; please feel free to copy them and use them in your application package.

The nomination letter should comprehensively explain the nominee’s qualifications for the award, provide examples that address the award criteria; the preferred length of the letter is two to three pages. It should appear on letterhead, have one-inch margins, and be addressed this way:

  • To: Selection Committee, Regents’ Award for (the name of the award you are seeking)
  • From: Name of letter writer and title
  • Date: Date when the nomination letter was composed
  • Re: Nomination of [full name of nominee] for Regents Award for [the name of the award]

Prepare one application package rather than multiple separate documents. You are asked to compile all of your materials into one PDF package; this enables you to order them appropriately, and it will streamline reviewers’ efforts.

Applicants should submit as many letters of support as permitted. If instructions indicate “No more than three letters may be submitted,” applicants should submit three letters. 

Consider using phrasing similar to that found in the instructions. Reviewers often utilize checklists or rubrics to rate applications, and using similar phrasing will help them identify portions of your materials that address requirements.

Application Materials

Complete application packets (including a cover page and table of contents) are due by 11:59pm Wednesday, September 28, 2022. All applications must be submitted electronically in one single electronic file by email to Please include nominees surname in the file name. Hardcopy or incomplete applications will not be considered.