Presidential Student Ambassadors

Presidential Student Ambassadors are considered outstanding representatives of UNLV's student body and come from a broad range of academic majors and backgrounds. These graduate and undergraduate students demonstrate heavy involvement and strong leadership across campus, in addition to maintaining high academic standards. Presidential Student Ambassadors volunteer their time by representing the university at various functions as they engage with local dignitaries, state officials, community leaders, alumni, and the general public, exemplifying the best that UNLV has to offer. This program is directed through the President's Office by Jonathan Smith.

Student Ambassadors

  • Myles Lum
  • Katelyn DiBenedetto
  • Karen Nava
  • Melinda Stewart
  • Logan Brown
  • Mary McDonough
  • Casey Steward
  • Eshani Lee
  • Tre Norman
  • Jailene Vasquez