Visitors must use metered areas or display a valid daily, weekly, or monthly permit to park their vehicles on campus.

Types of Visitor Parking / Permits and Costs

Metered Parking

Metered parking is available in various lots throughout campus. There is a lot only for visitors located at Maryland Parkway and Harmon Ave. Metered parking costs $1 per hour.


UNLV partners with PayByPhone to make paying for hourly or daily parking a whole lot easier. Download the “PayByPhone Parking” app through either Google Play or the iTunes app store to pay for your short-term parking with only a few taps on your smart phone.

  • Metered Parking Per Hour - $1.00

Visitor Permits

Visitors who purchase a daily or weekly permit from Parking and Transportation Services are allowed to park in student spaces. This permit cannot be used as a method of payment for metered parking.

Contact Parking & Transportation Services to make parking arrangements for a special event or meeting.

  • Monthly Visitor Permit - $25.00
  • Weekly Visitor Permit - $10.75
  • Daily Visitor Permit - $7.50