Ombuds Office Information

Ombuds Office One-Pager
A brief description of the nature of the Ombuds Office and the services it provides

Meeting with the Ombuds: Your First Appointment
A guide for what to expect when you first meet with the Ombuds

What is a Facilitated Conversation?
A Facilitated Conversation led by the Ombuds is an ideal tool for units grappling with a range of issues. Read this to learn whether it can help you.

A Guide to Conflict Coaching
A quick summary to the goals and stages of one-on-one conflict coaching

Before Your Mediation Session
What to expect at mediation, and how to prepare for the best outcome

Ombuds Office Charter
The Ombuds Office's governing document

Ombuds Office Reports

UNLV Ombuds Office 2022 Annual Report

UNLV Ombuds Office Quarterly Summary of Activities: January 1 to March 31, 2022

Governing Documents

Employee rights and responsibilities at UNLV are governed by several core documents.

The NSHE Board of Regents Handbook provides the governing documents and policies for the Nevada System of Higher Education, of which UNLV is a member institution.

Title 2 of the Handbook, the NSHE Code, has important chapters that delineate the organization of the system and its constituent institutions; academic freedom and responsibility; tenure; faculty personnel policy; and rules and disciplinary procedures for faculty.

The UNLV Bylaws further outline several aspects of faculty policies and procedures.

Some of the rules that govern classified employees can be found in the State of Nevada’s Rules for State Personnel Administration.

A collection of college and department bylaws can be found here. Note: Consult your unit to ensure this is the most current version available.

Many other UNLV processes and procedures are spelled out in specific policies.

Help with Complaints

For assistance with receiving help for faculty who believe they have been subjected to adverse personnel actions or witnessed inappropriate or prohibited conduct, please visit this Help With Complaints page.

International Ombudsman Association

The Ombuds Office adheres to the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice of the International Ombudsman Association. For more information, please visit the IOA website.