Flowers in bloom on campus

Welcome to the Ombuds Office

Effective June 1, 2021, President Keith E. Whitfield, in consultation with the Faculty Senate, re-established the Ombuds Office at UNLV.  

“The Ombuds Office performs an essential function in a Top Tier university by listening to the campus community, giving its members an alternate avenue for conflict resolution, and providing information that can help us build a more equitable UNLV.”

President Whitfield

To complement existing conflict resolution and reporting channels, the Ombuds Office offers three main functions:

  • Education: Providing information about employee rights and responsibilities, options for redress, and techniques for resolving conflicts
  • Mediation: Providing a place for neutral, informal, and confidential mediation services
  • Change Advocacy: Taking part in campus assessment efforts and providing information on systemic areas of concerns to campus leadership

Currently, the office is in the process of staffing up. Mediation services are scheduled to be available in fall semester. For now, please consult the available resources.