Before You Book an Appointment

Before you meet with the Ombuds, please complete the Ombuds intake form, an anonymous survey that helps us track how well we are serving the campus. 

In order to get the most out of your first meeting, you may want to look at this guide to your initial appointment.

Finally, in order to help you set your expectations for your meeting, please remember that:

The Ombuds Can

  • Listen to your concerns
  • Help your analyze and understand problems
  • Help you evaluate your options
  • Clarify NSHE, UNLV policies
  • Discuss informal conflict resolution strategies
  • Coordinate structured, voluntary mediation
  • If appropriate, refer you to other campus resources

The Ombuds Does Not

  • Accept notice of claims against the university
  • Decide who is right or wrong in a dispute
  • Advocate for you personally
  • Overrule decisions made by administrators, supervisors, or managers
  • Investigate wrongdoings
  • Punish or recommend punishments
  • Add to, alter, or delete any federal, NSHE, UNLV, or unit policies and regulations

Book an Appointment

You have four options for booking an appointment:


Please call 702-895-1823 to schedule an appointment


Please email to begin a conversation about scheduling a meeting. 

Please be advised that email is not appropriate for confidential discussions. It is suggested you limit your use of email to scheduling a time for a proper conversation. 

Online Reporting Form

To share your concerns now, please use our online reporting form. Your concerns will be automatically forwarded to the Ombuds, whose  office will contact you to schedule a meeting.

Google Calendar Appointment

You can use our Google Calendar to schedule an appointment online.

In the "description" field, please indicate if you prefer an in-person, phone, or online chat meeting.

  • If you want to meet in person, visit the Ombuds Office at FDH 165 at the appropriate time.
  • If you want to speak by phone, call the Ombuds (702-895-2242) at the appropriate time.
  • If you want an online meeting, the Ombuds will add video conferencing to your appointment slot. Follow the link on your calendar to enter at the appropriate time.

To best preserve confidentiality, do not provide the details of why you wish to speak with the Ombuds. Just note whether you want an in-office, phone, or video conference meeting. If you wish to better preserve your anonymity before the meeting, you can use a non-UNLV email to make the appointment.