Update on the Progress of the Rebel Future Project

In fall 2022, Human Resources partnered with Huron Consulting to conduct a comprehensive compensation and classification study called Rebel Future. At the onset of the multi-phase project, Human Resources anticipated it would conclude in fall 2023. As the process got underway, we realized that steps in the process - particularly employee mapping - would take longer than expected. This is due to the level of detail required to accurately and consistently map employees to job profiles and a number of competing state-wide priorities. To account for these challenges, the anticipated timeline for implementing Rebel Future has been extended to the end of 2024. 

Here is where the project currently stands: 

We are in the mapping portion of Phase 3 - Defining the Classification Structure. Round one of the employee mapping process is complete and round two began in fall 2023. Currently, 70% of the mappings have been reviewed and the remaining 30% are undergoing thorough examination.

We've partnered with the Office of Information Technology (OIT) and have started the beginning stages of building a platform in Salesforce that will house the new standardized job descriptions. Once we implement Rebel Future, employees and managers will have access to view the new job descriptions with associated career streams and job levels in one location.

Visit the Rebel Future webpage for more information and updates on our progress.

We appreciate everyone’s patience and partnership as we develop a structure that will simplify and modernize our compensation and classification processes. We are excited about the positive impact this initiative will have on our university. 

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