University Space Committee Request Process Changing - Phase 1

Effective May 24, 2024, the University Space Committee (USC) request process will start transitioning out of Smartsheet to Salesforce in phases. 

Phase 1: This short-term plan returns to the previous process where requests (except for the Kirk Kerkorian School of Medicine and Vice President for Research (VPR) managed space) will be submitted by the department with the chair and dean/director copied in an email to with a detailed description of the project or request, including the following information:

  • Detailed space requirements – occupants, power, data, fume hood, etc (e.g., two offices for full-time staff, one office for a director, two workstations for five students/GAs, etc).
  • If this space is for a new hire, was this space need included in the hiring request?
  • Location requirements/preferences. Please explain if the project, activity or service function must be located in a specific building/area.
  • When is the space needed?
  • Where the project is currently located and why it needs to move, change classification, or renovations?
  • What options have been considered within the division and department’s current allocated space? Explain in detail why these are not suitable for this request.
  • What will happen to the current space?
  • If renovations and/or furniture are needed, how will this be funded?
  • Any additional information that is applicable to the request.

Requests with missing information or CC's to the department chair and dean/director will not be considered until all details are provided. The committee will review the requests and either ask for more information or send a recommendation to the appropriate vice president for final approval. Once initial approvals are received, the USC process should not take any longer than two weeks.

Requests for School of Medicine (academic, clinical and research) space will continue to be submitted through this form. Information for requesting VPR managed space can be found here.

Future Phases: Anticipated Summer 2024.

As a reminder, the University Space Committee does not recommend or approve funding. 

If you have any questions about the changes to the USC process, please contact Jennifer McCarthy or Heidi Albrecht.

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