Participate in the Research University Civic Engagement Network Sustained Dialogue Groups

The Research University Civic Engagement Network (TRUCEN, part of Campus Compact) invites participation in sustained dialogue groups for the next year. These groups are organized around different topics related to higher education civic and community engagement. Each is structured around monthly small group virtual meetings. Some are simply dialogue spaces for sharing resources and innovative practices, others self organize to generate outputs (research, publications, etc.). UNLV is an institutional member of Campus Compact, so participation in these TRUCEN sustained dialogue groups are free professional development opportunities.

These are the topics available for 2024-2025:

  • Supporting equity-focused community-based research (Facilitator: Maranda Ward, George Washington University)
  • Cultivating voice in our engagement programs (Facilitator: Doug Berrara, UCLA)
  • Integrating community engagement and career readiness efforts to benefit undergraduates (Co-Facilitators: Gina Lee-Olukoya, University of Illinois; Chun Creaser, University of Minnesota)
  • Engagement & wellness (Co-Facilitators: Briana Huett, University of Connecticut; Bridget Summit, Brandeis University)
  • Dream Lab - creating space for big ideas, such as what AI means to civic engagement (Facilitator: James Roland, Emory University)
  • Expanding the metrics of university accountability (Co-Facilitators: Marisa Hightower, University of Miami; Renee Brown, Michigan State University)
  • Sustainability (Co-Facilitators: Dovev Levine, University of New Hampshire; Rian Satterwhite, UNLV)

Expressions of interest in participating in one or more of these dialogue groups is required by April 24 using the following form.

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