New Summer 2024 Classes at Continuing Education - Employee Discounts Available!

Summer is a great time to not only get some relaxation, but it is also a prime-time for self-improvement. UNLV Continuing Education offers many personal enrichment classes where you can explore a new hobby, get creative, focus on your health and much more. In our professional classes, you can upgrade your professional skills, train for a new role, or prepare for a career shift. Classes are offered in-person and online, at convenient times and locations, and are designed for adult learners.

 One of the many perks of working at UNLV is that you can receive a discount on select classes offered by the UNLV Continuing Education department. Explore our comprehensive catalog of certificates and courses, and discover the path to your personal and professional goals. As an active UNLV employee, regardless of employee type, you are eligible for:

5% off Personal Enrichment Classes
15% off Professional Development Classes and Certificate programs
40% off in-demand tech certifications offered by our collaborator Skillstorm
Begin the staff discount request process by filling out a UNLV Staff Discount Eligibility Form.

To register for Skillstorm classes, email to get your personal discount code. Eligible course are listed at

New classes for summer 2024 include: 

  • Fundamentals of ChatGPT, Generative AI & Deepfakes
  • Human-Robot Relationship
  • Virtual Leadership: Elevate Your Executive Presence on Video Conferencing Calls
  • Build Your Personal Brand, Resume, & Interviewing Skills
  • Basic Life Support Certification
  • GMAT®  Focus Live-Online Course
  • ESL Rocks! Learn English with Music
  • ART For Families
  • Tour of Italy (Cuisine)

Early registration is encouraged. Browse our full catalog and register with your employee discount today at:

View a list of discount eligible classes.

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