Life Sciences Pitch Competition for UNLV Faculty and Student Innovators

Do you have an invention or new technology that will advance the field of Life Science? Pitch your concept at UNLV Innovation Day on May 13, 2024, in the UNLV Student Union.

Present your invention or discovery to our distinguished judges panel to compete for cash prizes up to $6,000!

How to participate:

  • Submit a 5-7 slide-style presentation deck to: (how-to site on pitch decks).
  • All submissions are due May 1. Contact Risa Federico for scoring rubric and details.
  • Top four submissions will be selected to pitch at the live competition.
  • The top four finalists will be notified by May 6.
  • Presentation at the LIVE PITCH EVENT on May 13 is required to win prizes.

UNLV Innovation Day is presented by:

INNOVATOR Program: The UNLV Alzheimer's Disease and Related Dementias Innovation Incubator (INNOVATOR) Program is funded by the National Institute on Aging with the goal of engaging students (pre-doc, doctoral, post-doctoral) and junior faculty in innovation and entrepreneurship in the life sciences.

Ascend2.0 Program: The ASCEND (Accelerating Solutions for Commercialization and Entrepreneurial Development) 2.0 Program serves the seven Mountain West IDeA States. To increase entrepreneurship and commercialization of basic medical science in the Mountain West states, the ASCEND solution provides: awareness on how technologies are brought to market, access to sufficient technology development, resources for early-stage technology development, entrepreneurial expertise and culture, and exposure to commercialization education, training, and funding programs

TNeuroPharma: At TNeuroPharma, we believe in the power of innovative science. We believe that there’s always another way to look at a problem to find a solution. We believe that in the complex area of neurodegenerative diseases, an earlier definitive diagnosis could be the root for understanding -- and the key to moving forward. Most importantly, we believe that effective treatments for Alzheimer’s disease and other neurodegenerative disorders are within our reach. And our goal is to assist and support today’s pharmaceutical companies reach the milestone the world has been waiting for when it comes to drug development for Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases.

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