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The Nevada Institute of Personalized Medicine (NIPM) is working to improve individual and systemic health care through translational clinical scientific research, education and workforce training, commercialization of technologies, and job creation.

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The Las Vegas strip as seen on Super Bowl weekend (Josh Hawkins/UNLV).
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A collection of news stories and highlights featuring UNLV students and faculty.

Graduation surprise
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News stories from the summer featuring UNLV students and faculty.

animation of human surrounded by dna strands while holding stomach with intestines highlighted
Research |

UNLV study pinpoints 10 bacterial groups associated with Alzheimer’s disease, provides new insights into the relationship between gut makeup and dementia.

researchers standing over sewer manhole
Research |

Researchers track and compare wastewater samples between the Las Vegas Strip and the local community to better estimate visitor impacts to local disease trends. 

Edwin Oh
Business and Community |

UNLV infectious disease expert Edwin Oh on the potential role of wastewater surveillance and interagency, cross-jurisdictional collaboration in preventing another pandemic.

Student working in campus lab.
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Scholarships and career-readiness support help talented students succeed at UNLV and beyond.

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The Superbug, known for its resistance to anti-fungal medications has been found in elevated levels in our city's wastewater. Back in January, the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services reported the highest number of cases we have seen in Southern Nevada. We talked to the doctor who is leading waste water monitoring here in the valley to find out more about this alarming trend, along with patients hearing about the risks. 

Las Vegas Review Journal

When Martin Schiller decided to launch his own company based off the research he did at UNLV, he picked Las Vegas despite the prospect of being one of only a handful of biotechnology firms in the valley.

Vegas Inc

Contrary to what many people think, there are only about 2,000 medicines approved by the Federal Drug Administration for people. And a quarter of those are biological products, or “biologics,” including vaccines, gene therapy, tissues and similar medicines—like insulin, for example.

New York Times

Chastened by a series of economic downturns that punished the hospitality industry, state leaders are working to broaden the economy.

Las Vegas Review Journal

COVID-19’s latest variant is on the loose, but local experts think vaccines can mitigate its spread and severity.

Las Vegas Review Journal

COVID-19’s new variant has yet to show up in Southern Nevada, according to the latest wastewater data.

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An expert in functional genomics, infectious diseases, and personalized medicine.
An expert in genomic studies and bioinformatics.

Recent Nevada Institute of Personalized Medicine Accomplishments

An Infectious Disease Society of America (IDSA) Foundation grant for $100,000 was awarded to Jingchun Chen and her lab in the Nevada Institute of Personalized Medicine on March 1, 2023, to study the impact of COVID-19 on Alzheimer's Disease, focusing on sharing genes and pathways in immune cells. This will help with the investigation of the…
Katherine Hertlein (Medicine) and Edwin Oh (Medicine and Sciences) are recipients of the 2022 Distinguished Barrick Scholar Award, given to senior faculty to honor excellence in research. Hertlein, a professor in the couple and family therapy program in the department of psychiatry and behavioral health, and Oh, associate professor of internal…
Graham McGinnis (Kinesiology and Nutrition Science) was awarded a Developmental Research Project Grant from the Nevada INBRE. This two-year grant will investigate the circadian regulation of exercise induced cardiovascular benefits including training adaptations and protection against cardiovascular disease (i.e. heart attack). Richard Tillett of…
Dr. Jingchun Chen (Nevada Institute of Personalized Medicine) has published an article, "Artificial Image Objects for Classification of Schizophrenia with GWAS-selected SNVs and Convolutional Neural Network," in Patterns, a Cell Press journal. Additional contributing authors are Xiangning Chen, Daniel G. Chen, Zhongming Zhao, Justin Zhan, and…
Kenneth Izuora (Medicine), Edwin Oh (NIPM), Jeffrey Ebersole (Dental), and Arpita Basu (Kinesiology & Nutrition Sciences), along with Aaron Calvano, '19 BS Kinesiology, published an invited review in Food & Function based on their ongoing collaborations on the role of dietary bioactive compounds in diabetes, insulin resistance, and…
Qing Wu (Nevada Institute of Personalized Medicine and Environmental and Occupational Health ) and Yingke Xu (Nevada Institute of Personalized Medicine) are the authors of "Decreasing Trend of Bone Mineral Density in US Multiethnic Population: Analysis of Continuous NHANES 2005 - 2014," which has been accepted for publication in…