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Sierra Dormer and Alex Stern were among students and career seekers at UNLV on Sunday giving serious consideration to starting out at a low-cost community college to save on tuition expenses at a four-year college.

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For higher education, one of the biggest challenges leftover from the pandemic years is getting students to sign up. In recent years enrollment at many Nevada higher education institutions — like higher education institutions nationally — has plateaued compared to pre-pandemic levels. But at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas the tide has finally turned.

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The issues with the new federal system have led to a decrease in financial aid application submission and completion rates across the country.

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It has been a struggle for many students to understand FAFSA, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. To help students navigate financial aid challenges, UNLV is doing what it can to help.


The clock is ticking for Las Vegas high school seniors to make decisions on the colleges they’ll attend next year. However, the problem is students still don’t know how much it’ll cost.

Las Vegas Review Journal

Tillie Torres has always told her students that education is the way out of poverty. But with more than $80,000 of student loan debt, the Mater Academy English teacher found her own words hypocritical.


As the pursuit of higher education continues to shape the aspirations of countless individuals across the United States, understanding the financial landscape of college tuition becomes increasingly crucial in order to make the best financial decision.

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UNLV’s Financial Aid Director Zach Goodwin spoke to 8 News Now to discuss tips on how to make the process easier.


Student loan payments are set to resume in October which can bring up several questions for those looking into their options.

KLAS-TV: 8 News Now

Graduation season is in full swing and while high school seniors are walking the stage, there is still time to get financial help for college. UNLV reports more than 90% of its students receive some kind of scholarship. There is information on those scholarships at this link.

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140 students took advantage of ‘life-changing’ opportunity in its first year, and next year there will be more

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College is a costly investment, but there are several ways to reduce the burden. One option is through tuition discounts, which in recent years have been offered at historically high rates at private colleges, for instance.