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Interdisciplinary, Gender, and Ethnic Studies News

Interdisciplinary, Gender, and Ethnic Studies allows students to create degree programs from courses across disciplinary boundaries, including cultural studies, linguistic studies, Asian studies, Latin American studies, multi-disciplinary studies, and social science studies.

Current Interdisciplinary, Gender, and Ethnic Studies News

woman posing outdoors
People | March 9, 2020

This mom of three has a heart for helping students and cherishing every moment with her kids.

Mia Bell coaching players before game.
People | January 6, 2020

Mia Bell on her greatest moments as a player, and now assistant coach, for the Lady Rebels.

A woman sits at a desk in a dark room
Campus News | November 7, 2019

MGM College Opportunity Program at UNLV offers a flexible and affordable way for the company's employees to complete their degrees.

People preparing to cut ribbon on new Fertitta Complex
Campus News | November 1, 2019

A collection of local, national, and international news stories highlighting the people and programs of UNLV.

A man sits smiling at a restaurant table.
Arts and Culture | September 19, 2019

A new book explores what Thai food in America can tell us about the people cooking it and the people consuming it.

commencement cap saying "1st Gen Chin Cona Momo Mi Madre"
Campus News | May 18, 2019

Check out the exhibit at Lied Library to see what messages Latinx students have conveyed at commencement in recent years.

Interdisciplinary, Gender, and Ethnic Studies In The News

Washington City Paper
March 5, 2020

D.C. is growing wealthier and whiter every year. Is a conspiracy theory to blame?

Las Vegas Sun
February 25, 2020

When it comes to the 2020 U.S. census, Nevadans are hard to count. One surprising reason for this is the housing status of college students in Nevada.

Washington Post
February 17, 2020

As the Democratic nomination race shifts to the South and into states with more African American voters, the party’s white front-runners must directly confront the question of race and explain how their policies uplift black America. Each of them has been criticized for harboring a superficial understanding of American anti-blackness, if not manifesting outright racism.

January 28, 2020

An academic journal has realeased a special issue dedicated to pornography. The editors of AG About Gender, a peer-reviewed international journal based in Genoa, say the decision points to growing academic interest in the adult industry.

January 8, 2020

Growing up in the early aughts, my hometown’s sex shop had a reputation as a seedy establishment from which customers emerged, purchases in an opaque black plastic bag, casting furtive glances. Now, a new generation of these stores has emerged, and they’ve evolved into more than nondescript buildings where you can buy toys in secret.

January 7, 2020

Las Vegas is already known as Sin City, in part for the gambling and sex work that takes place there (though it turns out that, while legal in Nevada, prostitution is actually illegal in Vegas), and for its history of ties to the mafia. But it was only in 2020 that sex toys were allowed at CES, the largest consumer electronics show in the world.

Interdisciplinary, Gender, and Ethnic Studies Experts

An expert on Latinos and LGBT social movements and representation in the media.
An expert on gender, sexuality, media, and popular culture.
An expert in eating disorders, women's mental and physical health, and racial/ethnic health disparities.
An expert in U.S. women's history, political activism, oral history, and feminism.
An expert in folklore and popular culture.

Recent Interdisciplinary, Gender, and Ethnic Studies Accomplishments

February 10, 2020
Tyler D. Parry (Interdisciplinary, Gender, and Ethnic Studies) published a co-authored article in the February issue of the journal Past Present. In "Slave Hounds and Abolition in the Americas," the authors argue that canines played an integral role in colonizing North and South America, and initiating the subsequent expansion of the transatlantic...
January 24, 2020
Barbara G. Brents (Sociology) along with two UNLV alumnae, Crystal A. Jackson, '03 BA Psychology, '07 MA Sociology, and '13 PhD Sociology, (now of the John Jay School of the City University of New York) and Aleta Baldwin, '06 BA Women's Studies, (now of University of Texas at San Antonio), and Paul Maginn (University of Western Australia) are the...
January 22, 2020
Anne H. Stevens (Interdisciplinary, Gender, and Ethnic Studies), along with alumna Molly C. O'Donnell, '15 PhD English, have co-edited the collection The Microgenre: A Quick Look at Small Culture with Bloomsbury, released this month. Contributors to this collection of essays about highly specific cultural genres include Megan Becker, John Hay (...
December 6, 2019
Tyler D. Parry (Interdisciplinary, Gender and Ethnic Studies) published an article in the Washington Post, "Why Right-Wing Commentators Distort the History of Slavery and Emancipation." Parry is an assistant professor of African American and African diaspora studies.  
November 27, 2019
Patricia Heisser Metoyer (Interdisciplinary, Gender, and Ethnic Studies) has written a paper that has been a longitudinal study with Tulane University. The paper, "The Grace of Coincoin: The Role of an African Woman's Spirituality and Its Impact on Creole Culture,” has been selected for presentation at the Dr. Felicia F.  Campbell, Far West...
November 22, 2019
Tyler D. Parry (Interdisciplinary Degree Programs) has been elected vice president of the African American Intellectual History Society, the fastest-growing organization dedicated to black studies. An assistant professor of African American and African diaspora studies, Parry conducts research examining slavery in the Americas, the African...