An army R.O.T.C. student in uniform holding the American flag.

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Run by Army officers and noncommissioned officers with a wealth of experience, the Army ROTC program at UNLV takes pride in its history and strive towards an innovative future. Our program trains leadership and gives them the necessary skills needed to guide today's soldiers.

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man standing in front of "rebels make it happen" banner
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Marine Corps veteran Victor Ingram pays it forward after turning his childhood circumstances around through a UNLV-sponsored high school outreach program.

Navy Commander Stephen Col, facing camera in uniform and saluting
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Naval commander Stephen Col leaves a legacy of transformation and growth following his time at UNLV’s Army ROTC.

Professor Nancy Lough standing in front of Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas
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Great places are made of great people. Here are a few who made the news in 2020.

Military veterans who attend U.N.L.V.
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While the transition from the military to the classroom is easy for some veterans, others experience a culture shock. A few Rebel veterans share their stories.

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VC Star

Thank you, thank you to Marty Capsuto and Steve Lehman for coming up with the idea and letting it happen to have a jazz café at the SCAN Health and Wellness Center in Ventura. Marty is a senior advocate and Steve is the manager at the SCAN center, and they are always coming up with wonderful ideas on how to connect with the older population in our county.

Recent Military Science/Army ROTC Accomplishments

Andrew Thomas Reyes and Katrina Isla (both Nursing), Christopher Kearney (Psychology), and Ross Bryant (Military and Veteran Services Center) co-authored “Student Veterans’ Construction and Enactment of Resilience: A Constructivist Grounded Theory Study,” which explored how student veterans prepare themselves to handle the challenges of academic…