Topic: media

three people in tv studio
Campus News | October 26, 2020
'We Need to Talk' discussion series continues. Tune into the next episode Oct. 29.
man with superhero drawing on wall behind him
People | May 23, 2018
Benjamin Morse, former digital content director for Marvel Entertainment and future TEDx speaker, is transforming students into content creators.
woman in front of microphones
Campus News | April 23, 2018
UNLV professor Lynn Comella on why academics should find ways to explain the complexities of research to the wider public.
Michael Pravica talks to Marshawn Lynch
People | October 31, 2017
Physics professor Michael Pravica teams up with Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch in Bleacher Report web series.
Dr. Sanjay Gupta
Arts and Culture | October 24, 2017
Gupta, CNN’s chief medical correspondent and practicing neurosurgeon, will offer his take on medicine and the media; tickets are free.
Shakeria Hawkins
Campus News | August 3, 2017
Student-produced show Rebel Report wins an Emmy Award while its student reporters go on to land jobs.
Greenspun Hall
People | April 6, 2017
Kevin Stoker, a media ethics expert most recently with Texas Tech University, will join the Greenspun College of Urban Affairs July 1.
Several covers of Believer magazine
Arts and Culture | March 30, 2017
The Believer, one of the world's leading journals of arts and culture, is a five-time finalist for the National Magazine Award; publication part of BMI mission to connect writers, and literary imagination, to public life.
Amy Poehler as Leslie Knope
Arts and Culture | February 2, 2017
What NBC's 'Parks and Recreation' can teach us about feminism.
Eddie Owens eing interviews
Campus News | December 9, 2016
Show produced by UNLV journalism students is now available on KCLV Channel 2.
Kathryn Olson
Campus News | October 6, 2016
Presidential Debate Lecturer Kathryn Olson on why we shouldn't ask which candidate won a debate.
Campus News | September 23, 2016
Presidential Debate Lecture Series presenter Alan Schroeder on the trepidation and resentment that candidates bring into the debate hall.