Topic: international

Sunset from the outskirts of Taipei, Taiwan. (Thomas Tucker)
Business and Community | August 18, 2022

UNLV political science expert explains the history of the region, why the recent U.S. political visits anger China, and the influence of the Ukraine-Russia conflict.

alpacas graze among Inca ruins in Cusco, Peru
Business and Community | June 10, 2019

UNLV Global Entrepreneurship Experience Program students learn about business and tourism at Machu Picchu during the last leg of their journey through Peru.

Business and Community | June 4, 2019

Local Peruvian villagers teach UNLV Global Entrepreneurship Experience Program students the importance of community.

feet of students sitting on a mountain with other mountains in the distance
Business and Community | May 28, 2019

UNLV Global Entrepreneurship Program students build international business skills through lessons from U.S. Embassy workers, Peruvian university students, and stories from a 17th-century nunnery.

Five portraits
Campus News | May 15, 2015

Five UNLV students selected for prestigious international scholarship program.

People | September 26, 2012

Studying abroad changed the course of Greg Stephany’s life. Now he hopes to inspire more students to expand their worldview as director of advising and recruitment in the Honors College.

Kathy Nelson poses for the camera
People | April 12, 2010

Kathy Nelson, UNLV professor of tourism and convention management, is among the world’s top event management professionals and is helping develop stronger standards for the industry.

Student hiking through a forest
People | February 4, 2010

Students put down books and pick up passports for unique learning experiences.