health and medicine

portrait of woman
Dec 12, 2018

Dr. Yen Cao’s quick reaction in an emergency may have saved a motorist’s life.

Sinatra's at Wynn Las Vegas (Jeff Green Photography)
Dec 5, 2018
Campus News

On a trip to Wynn Las Vegas, UNLV medical students learn that choosing healthier options doesn’t mean sacrificing flavor.

portrait of man in classroom
Nov 28, 2018

At UNLV, physician Buddhadeb Dawn is able to combine his talent for program-building with his passions for research and patient care.

Nov 27, 2018

UNLV psychology professor hopes study will influence treatments.

UNLV School of Medicine
Nov 21, 2018

The new chair of the School of Medicine’s ob/gyn department says that even after decades, delivering babies still is exciting.

Nov 15, 2018
Business and Community

With a focus on recruiting students with strong Nevada ties, the School of Medicine is cultivating a commitment to the community in future doctors, says John Moran III.

woman in front of building schematic
Nov 8, 2018

With the stamina of a triathlete, Kimberly Case-Nichols manages the logistics of clinic consolidations and facility expansions at the UNLV Medical School.

teacher in classroom
Oct 31, 2018
Campus News

A married team of UNLV surgeons helps alumna prevent cancer and recover from the life-changing and potentially life-saving surgery.

Oct 24, 2018
Campus News

Intricate plastic surgeries improve patients’ lives.

UNLV Medicine sign
Oct 17, 2018
Campus News

Class project opens eyes of School of Medicine students to obstacles faced by some valley residents.