Kate Stowell

Freelance Writer

Kate Fernelius Stowell, ’07 BA Journalism & Media Studies, is a Las Vegas-based writer who considers herself a Sin City renaissance woman. Born and raised in Vegas, Fernelius has written about many aspects of her hometown over the years — the burgeoning arts community, happenings on the Strip, the LGBT community, the nightlife scene, UNLV campus life, and everyday Vegas living. Through her different writing interests, Fernelius hopes she can introduce others to the growing Las Vegas community.

Articles by Kate Stowell

Sihouette of people swinging from overhead bars
Research | November 12, 2013

UNLV research center tackles tough issues in child wellbeing through community programs and legislative advocacy.

Harriet Barlow
Campus News | September 17, 2013

If a student discloses that they were sexually assaulted or in a violent relationship, do you know what to do? UNLV's Title IX coordinator explains how the law has helped establish clear processes.

Pushkin Kachroo
Research | September 3, 2013

Engineering professor Pushkin Kachroo shares his ideas for making transportation around the Valley faster and safer.

Ngai Pindell speaking to an audience
People | August 14, 2013

Turf wars among different community groups can derail smart growth. Ngai Pindell, an expert in community development law, shares three observations about Southern Nevada's development.

Fingers scrolling on a tablet
People | July 24, 2013

New book helps families work through the challenges that fast-changing technology poses to relationships.

Andy Kirk
People | July 17, 2013

The director of UNLV's public history program explains why the myth that Las Vegas has no history persists.

Christina Vela
People | July 8, 2013

Christina Vela escaped the fate of many inner-city teen moms with education. Now she's determined to help others overcome their obstacles.

Joe Aldridge
People | June 6, 2013

The 5 keys for creating visual masterpieces from Joe Aldridge of the entertainment engineering program.

People | May 14, 2013
The director of the hotel college's career center offers her tips for today's job market.