Honors: Student Union & Event Services

Student Union & Event Services (Student Affairs) and UNLV have been recognized as a "Top Pick College and University in the US Mountain Region” by Unique Venues. Unique Venues markets conference and event services nationally. UNLV and SUES were recognized as a premier location to partner with for events, conference housing, intern housing, and other services. 

From Unique Venues: "There ain’t no mountain high enough that planners in collegiate conference services departments won’t climb to make sure a meeting or event on their campus has reached the pinnacle of success. Whether it’s a multi-day tradeshow, weeklong retreat, formal business meeting, or informal training session, colleges and universities have the means and the know-how to create the perfect environment for your group. 

In addition to space as abundant as the great outdoors and state-of-the-art technology that modernizes operations, many of these departments also run as a One-Stop Shop that provides the ability to have one point of contact and one contract."

People in the News

A man walks along the UNLV campus
People | September 25, 2020
A little help from his father set a 4-year-old Atsushi “Sush” Machida on the path to becoming the College of Fine Arts Alumnus of the Year.
A man holds up a UNLV license plate reading "Piotr"
People | September 23, 2020
College of Engineering Alumnus of the Year Piotr Tomasik has been involved in several startups since his 2009 commencement.
man standing in empty classroom with rows of desks behind
People | September 22, 2020
Alumnus Geoff Hughes partnered with UNLV Office of Diversity Initiatives to create Stephanie Wolf Hughes First Generation Scholarship for accounting students.