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Eric Weber

Published: Eric Weber

Mar 15, 2017

Eric Weber (Architecture) contributed a chapter to the new book, Designbuild Education, edited by Chad Kraus. Assistant professor Weber's chapter, entitled "From Scratch: How to Start a Designbuild Program" outlines the lessons learned from creating the David G. Howryla Design Build Studio at the UNLV School of Architecture.  Designbuild Education adopts the intellectual framework of American Pragmatism, which is a theory of action, to investigate architects’ compelling urge to build and how that manifests in collegiate designbuild programs. Organized into four themes—people, poetics, process, and practice—the book brings together new essays by some of today’s most well-known designbuild educators, including Andrew Freear from Rural Studio and Dan Rockhill from Studio 804, to shed light on the theoretical dimensions of their practice and work.