Honors: Enrollment & Student Services and Integrated Marketing & Branding

Enrollment & Student Services and the Division of Integrated Marketing & Branding recently were awarded a Gold Award in the 36th Annual Educational Advertising Awards for the 2020-21 Undergraduate Viewbook and matching Total Recruitment Package.

The judges recognized 14 institutions as "Best of Show" winners, including UNLV for the 2020-21 Undergraduate Viewbook, which exhibited the highest standards, creativity, and professionalism.

The Viewbook is the flagship digital and print piece for the new undergraduate admissions campaign built around UNLV's Rebels Make It Happen brand messaging. It incorporates stories of students to highlight that brand.

The campaign was a joint effort between Enrollment & Student Services and the Division of Integrated Marketing & Branding. Individuals involved in the project include:

  • Kris Shay, executive director, office of admissions
  • Kaci Schroeder, director of marketing & communications, Enrollment & Student Services 
  • Rae Alfonso, graphic designer, Enrollment & Student Services 
  • Pam Viton, marketing & communications coordinator, Enrollment & Student Services 
  • Cate Weeks, senior director of brand content, University Marketing & Communications
  • Jason Scavone, communications specialist, University Marketing & Communications
  • Deana Waddell, interim senior director of web & digital strategy, University Marketing & Communications
  • Kurt Raschko, senior web developer, University Marketing & Communications
  • Katy Griffin, social media strategist, University Marketing & Communications
  • Donna McAleer, director of publications emerita
  • Craig Granger, creative services director, Integrated Graphics Services
  • Josh Hawkins, photographer, Creative Services
  • Lonnie Timmons III, photographer, Creative Services

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