Published: Edward Lynch

Edward Lynch (Dental) has published two articles in the journal Quintessence International. The first is titled “Bleaching Efficacy of Ozone/Hydrogen Peroxide Versus Hydrogen Peroxide/Ozone Application”. The objective of this work was to compare the efficacy of tooth bleaching after using ozone, before and after application of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). Bleaching using 38 percent H2O2 for 20 minutes (combined with ozone for 60 seconds) produced similar results, regardless of applying the ozone before or after H2O2. Also, bleaching by combining ozone and H2O2 produced better tooth shades than bleaching by H2O2 only. Therefore, this can change dental practice to allow doctors to use ozone with H2O2 for bleaching and this novel method (described here for the first time) can allow dentists to reduce treatment time and to use lower concentrations of H2O2, thus leading to improved bleaching results in a shorter time, with less side effects and better cost efficiency and cost effectiveness.

The second article is titled “Association Between Oral Tori, Occlusal Force, and Mandibular Cortical Index”. The objective of this work was to assess possible associations between torus palatinus, torus mandibularis, occlusal force, Klemetti's classes, occlusal force, and sociodemographic variables in 130 people from a specific population. Previous studies have suggested that oral tori are benign anatomical variations probably related to several factors such as functional stress, gender predisposition, number of teeth present, and nutritional factors. This study provided new information and showed that the average occlusal force was significantly higher in tori subjects and in males (if compared to controls and female subjects, respectively). The presence of oral tori, Klemetti's classification, and occlusal force ratio were positively correlated with occlusal force.

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